Android Question Objects missing in Star-Dusts BitmapCreator Objects

Syd Wright

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Because I don't have a higher B4A version than 8.5 I apparently cannot use the latest BC.draw... bitmapcreator features.
In stead, I am trying to use the nice DrawLine, DrawCircle, DrawPathEmpty and DrawPathFill routines by Star-Dust. Ref:

However, some parameters are missing there:

1. What is "Addtouch" (in DrawPathFill)?
2. What kind of variable is "ID" in for example "AddTouch(ID,ID,P.X,P.Y)"
3. Where is the "ColorToARGB" sub? I don't think this is the same as BC.ColorToARGB
4. What is "sign" in "...sign(Xnext-XNow)"? Do you mean: ABS?
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