Android Question OMG I lost it all


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Is there an autosave location where I can find my project back.
I lost it all as windows did a forced reboot..

Please :-0 ?


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Define 'all'...

I'm sorry to say that backups is the only thing you can do (going forward). There's a thread about it on the forum.

Graham Stratford

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Backups are NOT the answer! If you are doing any kind of coding, you should use a revision control system, like SubVersion, GIT, or Mercurial. It will save SOOOOOO much heartache and pain.

Even for small personal projects, an RCS is essential. Full-featured IDEs (MS Visual Studio, NetBeans, etc.) have RCS interfaces built in. I could understand why Erel doesn't want the significant effort in supporting different RCSs in B4A, but even a standalone solution only takes seconds to commit or rollback changes.


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What Graham says is true. One thing to do for a short term solution is to use something like dropbox and develop out of it directly. At least that way everything is always being backed up so if your PC dies or something happens it is all still there. Someone here gave me that pointer out a long time ago and has saved me.

Best, Boa


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For myself I use a simple solution with google drive (as long as I'm not working in a big developer team writing huge apps with B4A which will not happen).

I have a batchfile (copy.bat) with this

set source=C:\xxxx\*.*
set destination="C:\yyyy\Google Drive\b4asave"
xcopy %source% %destination% /E /Y
I've put a lot of copy statements in it to save other stuff, too (Visual Studio Projects, Outlook, Apache, MySql, etc.).

For new versions of an app I create a new Folder and copy everything to it.


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Take a look at Carbonite ( It does automatic backups to the cloud and, once set up, you can forget about it. Then you don't have to remember to do backups since it will do them continuously. It has saved me several times - not only after a complete disk failure but also several times in being able to recover an older version of a file inadvertently changed (or even deleted) since it keeps multiple versions of changing files. At $59.99 a year, it is cheap insurance against data loss.


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If you don't want to go so far as a formal RCS or involve the cloud (some of us don't trust it), just do 'nightlies' - export as zip to a folder of daily zips. It literally takes just seconds and the most you will be out is one day's work. For extra safety, use external storage for your nightlies...