On-device development...


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For me, the coolest feature would be to allow on-device development -- have a BASIC interpreter running on the phone to let us create programs on-the-go.

Then, when you get home, move the code to the computer and use Basic4android to compile it to an android executable.

After all -- an interpreter is the root of BASIC :)

For me, I wouldn't care if the phone interpreter had any kind of visual designer. Something that would let me open a "something.bas" text file with my BASIC code and run it would be awesome.


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After all -- an interpreter is the root of BASIC :)
I'm afraid that is not true. Basic4android, VB.NET and many other Basics have no interpreter but are true compiled languages. However, as it happens :) I do have a runtime interpreter for a dialect of Basic that runs on Android. See my BasicLib library. However the syntax is that of Basic4ppc which is more conducive to interpretation than that of Basic4android. I did consider converting it but the work involved didn't warrant the effort.