One Last Question Thanks So Much!


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Hi Cableguy, I can't thank you enough! I can now compile dlls for all .net frameworks. Now I am new to all this but I am gratefull to DZT for giving me a template to build dlls with for the .net CF Framework. My problem is that while I can change the code inside of any class, How do I create a new class or change the name of a template's class if I want to build a new project? E.G. In a file called class1.vb there is a public class named Test. I change that name to DoThis and add new source inside of the class. It doesn't compile unless I leave the class name alone. What else do I need to change in order to get SharpDevelop to see a different class? Should I do all editing from SharpDevelop or is Notepad also a good choice? And, what do I need to do to fix a reoccurring error saying the Error code-completion for Microsoft System.Windows.Forms.dll from ?: Could Not find the correct assembly? Thanks again.


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As I understand the class name (not the file) must be exactly the same as the constructor....Later I'll add some code to explain, but now got to go...
If you search the net for examples you will see that public class name is tha same as the public construtor...pprint out dzt example and try to create a new project with your own names for the class, don't forget to add any references needed.