Online-/Data-Security these days (f.e. "The Sony hack")


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What do you think about data security these days? Sony got hacked very hard. I don't want to discuss if Sony has made huge mistakes or not.

My Home-Network and all the pc's are secured that way an experienced user will be able to secure it (Virusscanner, strong passwords, etc.).

My personal concern is that even if you "know" a lot of prgramming, etc, you "know nothing". Build in backdoors in the OS you use, services collecting data and many other things we all don't know. What if the build in network card can communicte without our knowledge (via firmware). Undocumented features. What if my fridge sends data I don't know via the power net? What if the hw/chip manufatures add funktions we never get to know?

I have no real fears but I do think that there is "more" behind it. What do you think? My predict: In 5-10 years we will still use the internet but much less because of several things (hackiing, etc.) in the near future.


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you have a point there.

you know these rgb led lightbulbs that can be controlled via a smart phone or website?

they could contain a sniffer to send all form post data to somewhere else.

I don't think you need to leave your sleep for it and I always say "if they want your data they will get it anyway".
Full proof protection doen't exist and is mainly caused by flaw in the OS or router/ap hardware.


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I always thought "funny" that a few weeks after an appliance warranty period expired, it just died...