Android Question Open and close activities slowdown the application


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I have an application that works properly unless I recharge more than 10 activities (I don't have more than 2 screens at once and I unload the screen when I close). The application becomes slow and charge the images and icons pixelated. I think it's a memory problem but when I close the activities I close using an Activity.RemoveAllViews.

I also tested with:

For i = 0 To Activity.NumberOfViews-1 Step -1
Activity.RemoveViewAt (i)

Any idea what could be happening?

Thank you


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It's 1330x800x4=4 MB. Android has only a very small amout of memory for images (NOT 2 GB!). Load them with bitmapsample at a lower resolution or re-use the imageviews.

I still wonder why android can display superduper games with Open GL and 3d shaders but is not able to display some images.