Android Question Open Google Maps with nav button


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Hi all,
below I put the code to open google maps and view the map with directions from the starting point (current position) to the set destination point, and this code works perfectly.

However, in addition to displaying the route and directions, I would like to allow the user to have the "Navigate" button on google maps. Is it possible using this intent? Thanks in advance for any suggestion :)

Sub btnNavigate_Click
        Private i As Intent
        Private city As String
        Private province As String
        Private street As String
        Private HouseNumber As String
        Private MapURL As String
        city = "Milano"
        province = "MI"
        street = "Via Manzoni"
        HouseNumber = "10"
        MapURL = "" & city & "," & province & ",&daddr=" & street & " " & HouseNumber
        i.Initialize(i.ACTION_VIEW, MapURL)
End Sub