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Hi, guys --

In Android it's possible to find a program using market://details?id=" & PackageName
But what about IOS ?

I can find links in format[country]/app/[App–Name]/id[App Id or Store Id]
But I am afraid that id is not fixed.

Theoretically should be simple itms-apps links, but I was not able to find them.
Any ideas ?

I need links to install / update Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Messenger, Telegram and my own program.

PS. I found a discussion at stackoverflow about\?
=\(identifier) Probably works. But hard to believe that there is no similar way like in Android.
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Semen Matusovskiy

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StackOverflow's idea was not bad. I wrote a special subroutine InstallByBundleId.

Some comments.

1) When to use

Imagine that your program tries to call messenger, for example, App.OpenUrl ("whatsapp://send? ...")
If WhatsApp is installed, OpenUrl will open a chat. But if Whatsapp is not installed, you will get an error.
In this case there is a reason to initiate a installation.

2) How to find bundleId

For example, for WhatsApp.
Search by Whatsapp IOS in Google Chrome.
The first link will be
So, we know id - 310633997. This id is valid today, new release will have another id (like I understand).

A browser will download a file with name 1.txt. Open it and search by bundleId. You will find a key "bundleId":"net.whatsapp.WhatsApp"


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