Optimized compiler doesn't recognize recent changes

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by Julius, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Julius

    Julius Member Licensed User

    I have a really strange problem.
    I am using B4P v. 6.5 and Windows Vista 64bit.
    I am absolutely sure it is not a question of the source code, therefor I added none.
    I made s simple change of a fine running program (compiled the the optimized version), which runs fine in the test mode and also fine as none-optimized .exe version in the win and the device version.
    The optimized compiler doesn't recognize the latest changes, as example changing the color of the form background. I deleted all related .exe, .dll and configure files and did it again. No changes appeared during the execution. The win-version and the device version run with the same behaviour -> no changes acceppted.
    There are no error messages.

    I am a little confused. I can live with the none-optimized files, but it is not really satisfying.

    kind regards
  2. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Are you running Dbasic.exe as Administrator? I had a similar sounding problem with Programmer’s Notepad recently on Vista 32bit where the changes I made seemed to be saved but the source files weren't getting updated. When I ran it as Administrator the problem went away. I think Vista security was fooling the app by getting it to write to a "shadow" location instead of where I wanted it to because it didn't have rights to that location.
  3. Julius

    Julius Member Licensed User

    Hello, Agraham!
    This was exactly the reason. When I started the Dbasic.exe from the program(x86) folder as administrator the compiler works fine even in the optimized mode.
    The user-account restrictions in Vista are very frustrating. I am always logged in with administrator privileges, but that is in this particular case not enough.

    kind regards
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