Share My Creation Orchard Crush (LibGDX) Game

2nd September Update:
Okay, because I love you guys, have the source code!!!

You'll need the libGDX library to compile it.

Have fun and sorry for the messy code in places. It could probably be made more efficient.


This has now been loaded onto the Google Play Store:

I've updated the graphics and fixed a few bugs and also added a couple of other tweaks. I'm planning to add a Google play service high score board and acheivements in the future.


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yes maybe i have used your cloneybird or invaders project and installed it to my phone with my key...
but why dont u use an other packagename for your new app.. did you use invaders project for this app and forgett to change the package name?


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Nice game !

Two suggestions:
1: When you get a phone call while playing, when you finish your call the timer is 0, you should stop the timer on pause and restart it on resume
2: A tiny tutorial would help, it took me 30 seconds to understand, thats few, but maybe some users will uninstall the game without a tutorial.

5 stars from me


Douglas Farias

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@andymc how can i make to fix the lag on menu?
for example, the game start perfect i see the many fruits flying, but later 1 min 2min the menu is very very lag
the fruits is very very slow *-*
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how can i make to fix the lag on menu?

Looks like a memory leak. The fruits aren't removed from the list on the title screen. you can fix it by adding the lines:
For x = 0 to fruitlist.Size-1
Dim fruit as typFruit
fruit = fruitlist.Get(x)
if fruit.y < -100 then
end if

to the region that draws the title screen, there's a region in there called background fruits.


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Hi, do you use a tutorial for this code?

Jus curious about the commented lines:

'If mouse clicked on already selected area Then clear Fruits away AND increase score

Thanks for the great work
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