iOS Question OTA link seems to be not working on iOS 11+ [OK]


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Hi All.

I recently modified a regurlarly published App for some additional features and, as usual, I passed a link for OTA install to my beta-testers.

There was a problem on 2 iPhones on a group of 3.

How the link was supplied:
- in order to make simpler to reach the download, I created a page on my website with a reference to the full OTA link, so the user can browse the page and click it. This link usually starts the App download when clicked with Safari browser.

- after a couple of answers by my beta-testers like: "the link does not work" i supplied the full OTA link.

Note that I re-generated the list of beta-testers UDIDs on the Apple Developer site, 'cause it had expired some time ago.

- two users that already installed the App in the past, now can't install with "simple" link #1, nor with the "complex" link #2

- one user had no problems installing the App with the "simple" link posted on my website's special page.

The user with success has an iPhone 5S with iOS 10.3.3 while the others have iPhone 7 with iOS 11+

The users with iOS 11+ said the the full OTA link gives the question "do you want to open this link with iTunes" and after that the browser is closed abruptly.

I can't be more precise in the description 'cause actually I'm very far from the users and they are not able to supply more information to me.

Someone has experienced the same problem with OTA in recent days ?
Thank you for any help and clarification.


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Hi Erel, I contacted my beta-testers today, via email, after trying to download the App with a "fresh" iPhone 6 updated with iOS 11.2.2.
My attempt was successful, so it isn't an OS issue. There must be something wrong in their devices.
I also suggested to my friends to uninstall the old App prior to try the OTA download.
I will post here the results immediatly after their answers.
Thank you for your attention :)
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Ok, solved.
They didn't uninstall the previous version downloaded from the Market before trying to install the new "beta" via OTA.
Probably the tester with iPhone 5S with iOS 10.3.3 did uninstall the old one, so had success with the OTA download of the beta version.
All right. Thanks.
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