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The goal of this Make Project parkSTOP is to build a parkSTOP device (Arduino UNO, B4R) to visually indicate via LED & Sound, if parking position reached. In addition, indicate via Android App (B4A) , connected via Bluetooth, the actual distance and parking position reached. Settings stored in the Arduino EEPROM.
Usage f.e. to park in the garage for cars without parking distance sensors or park at an exact position.

See here for details. Download the B4R & B4A source.

Note: Tested also successful Bluetooth communication from the parkSTOP device (B4R) to Node-RED running on a Raspberry Pi 3 - therefor the communication via asyncstreams and not yet B4XSerializer (planned for a next version).

LEGO case with the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor HC-SR04 and the Indicator LEDs at the front, the Bluetooth Adapter HC-05 at the right and the Buzzer insight.
The Android App to indicate the parking distance with Warn or Stop and to set the stop-/ notify distance, buzzer. The indicatorbar is simple and made out of panels - NOTE: if someone has an instrument like horizontal indicator with scale & indicator (like a B4A custom view), pls let me know - have not found (yet) an B4A Instrument Library.



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Hi rwblinn,
Nice project :)
as far as i know these cheap BT modules can accept a max of 3.3V on RXD pin also when powered at 5V.
I would put at least an 1Kohm resistor between the arduino output pin 11 and the RXD on the module...
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