B4i Library Passing Object B4i Color to UIColor ObjectiveC?

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Alberto Iglesias

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Hello everybody,

Anybody knows how I can pass the B4i Color object to objective?

Erel ask to try with this nativeobject, but not work!

I try with this 3 ways:

Dim no As NativeObject = objCombo
objCombo.colorBorder = no.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Magenta)


Dim no As NativeObject
objCombo.colorBorder = no.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Magenta)


Dim objColor AsObject = no.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Magenta)

objCombo.colorBorder = objColor

But not working!

In the objective side I have:
@property (nonatomic, readwrite)UIColor* colorBorder;

and the Error is:

Sending data to remote compiler. Error
B4i line: 40
objCombo.colorBorder = no.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Magenta)
no visible @interface for 'B4IComboBox' declares the selector 'setcolorBorder:'

[self._objcombo setcolorBorder:[_no ColorToUIColor:[[self.__c Colors] Magenta]]];

Some can help me?


Alberto Iglesias


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