Android Question pause service when screen turns off?


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What is the way to prevent a Service from firing when the phone is in Sleep state (the screen turns off)?
My B4A wallpaper changer works great. I changed the update time in the Activity module to 20 seconds to see what else was happening and when I manually woke the screen, the screen updated multiple times in 5 seconds:
 Sub Activity_Pause (UserClosed As Boolean)
   StartServiceAt(upDateWalpapr, DateTime.Now + 20000, True)   ' 20 seconds for testing
End Sub
Then I read that "Even if the service is stopped, StartServiceAt will start it again. This is the whole purpose of StartServiceAt."

I have done both in myOwnService service:
 #Region  Service Attributes
   #StartAtBoot: True
   ' #StartCommandReturnValue:
 Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent)
   Log("       my  Service_Started upDateWalpapr")
   StartActivity(theUpdater)                ' neither Resume the Activity alone, both seem needed
       CallSubDelayed(theUpdater, "changePicture")    ' neither Resume the Activity alone, both seem needed
   ' Starter.csu.CallSubPlus(theUpdater, "changePicture", 6000) 'DOES IT STOP SCREEN UPDATE ? ?  ' doesn't help
End Sub
 Sub changePicture
   If Starter.gtum = Starter.lstGlbl.Size - 1 Then
       Starter.gtum = 0
       Log("                lstGlbl.Size maxed")
       Starter.gtum = Starter.gtum + 1
       Log("                lstGlbl.Size    NOT maxed")
   End If

   SetWallPaper(LoadBitmap(Starter.daPaf, Starter.lstGlbl.Get(Starter.gtum))) ' change wallpaper
End Sub


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The last parameter in StartServiceAt call determines whether the service will start when the phone is sleeping. Set it to False if you don't want it to start.
Thanks. I see it now in 'Basic4android - Core.htm', and am putting that file in my 'primary Local Search' folder.
It still amazes me how dense this Basic can be.
edit: Still doing multiple wallpaper updates when manually waking phone, looking for the likely causes.
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