Wish Paypal Tip Jar for Erel

Tip jar for Erel?

  • Yes. His work has really helped me.

  • No. He didn't solve all the problems in my life that one time.

  • Pointless. His work is worth more than mere money.

  • Can't we just send him gold bullion.

  • Does he accept food stamps?

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Chris Tyrie

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Erel works hard to provide support for the FREE product B4R, especially wrapping libraries, when he could be concentrating on supporting B4A and B4I that actually pay his wages.

It would be nice to have a way to bribe reward him directly and incentivise more support over to us B4Rers, especially with the wrapping of libraries. Maybe even an interface so that B4R can use C libraries directly. I'm sure lots of us could throw a few bucks towards that.

What say thee my fellows?