Android Question PDF file writing: national letters in any TTF font


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HI, All

Who tried to use PDF creation on Android ?
Any success with national letters ?
I mean with using standard fonts like Times, Courier..., not Asian fonts that allow the codepage adjusting to UTF8.

Asian fonts are very wide (but on Android viewer looks good ! comparing to PC in Acrobat).
How to save to UTF8 universally (any text), but with some standard font ?



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I am also looking for similar, did you find a solution??
I finally decided to use so: generate the text line with national letters as the Bitmap, and create PDF by such lines - non-editable, read-only PDF.
But Google Analytics now shows that there are many OutOfMemory errors on some devices, depending on the doc length :-(


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In my case I have indian (marathi ) font which is read/write properly back-n-fourth with android-mysql. But when I try to create pdf with these records... could not able to write properly....

If i find any solution will update you...