Android Question Peer-to-peer communication between Android + iOS + Windows


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I was wondering if anyone is interested in the implementation of a peer-to-peer communication technology between devices of different manufacturers i.e. using different operating systems without the need of the cloud.

It seems that there is a free framework solution that does just that and it works on Android, iOS and Windows devices and it is called AllJoyn. It uses WiFi to allow devices to exchange data without the need of a hotspot.

Is there anyone interested in implementing this into B4A / B4I, or any current progress on such? I also have a working project that would need that, so I'd be interested very much on supporting the subject.

Thank you!


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without the need of the cloud

You're not the first with this idea :)

Already there:

On a local network no problem via WiFi or even Bluetooth with some logic.

If you need a www solution:

- how do you know the ip address of another device?
- you can't reach a device from the outside (firewall, restrictions), only in a local network
- what about user handling (login & security)

So that's why a server is needed. The devices register to the central server (known address) and provide their ip address (and more). This is how f.e. Google's Cloud Messaging works.
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