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Hello everyone :)

*Stating off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for every single one of us ♥

As it's been discussed here :

We are more than happy to announce this really great project :
Personal Playstore

Every company/developer has multi projects and multi clients.
With each update the company/developer has to contact the client to let them know that there is a new update and they have to install it, either from playstore or by sending them an APK.
Also the more clients the more difficult to manage subscriptions.

With that being said, this project is used for :
1- Managing subscriptions
2- Managing own applications
3- Making it easier for the clients to install/update your own apps
4- One Store that contains only your projects (Own portfolio)
5- Monitor the clients installs (Professional Dashboard)
6- Monitor the current installed version on the client phone (very useful when a bug is reported so you can know the client is using the latest update)
7- Live Support
8- The client is able to keep track of his/her subscriptions

This project is built using :
1- B4A
2- B4J Web App
4- JRDC2

Some of many features :
-If the client subscription has ended then once he/she opens the app they will get a reminder to renew and they won't be able to update/install any app.
-Just like google playstore, when an update is uploaded, the client will be able to view if there is a new update and the information of that update (Description, Version code, Version name, etc..)

Screen shots :
1- System admin dashboard :

2-Client Playstore (App Page) :
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Project Release Date : 1 Week (20-07-2021 11:00 PM GMT 3+)
Project Price : 30$ Only

As always, Thank You,
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congratulations @saif, much better than the google playstore, you can manage your apps, and manage your subscriptions, much better than I imagined, always very important projects. Thanks Saif you are an inspiration to us all


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hello, I tried to create my personal play store, it's really fantastic. I can finally put my apps online without going through google.
Thanks Saif, you are great.


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Hello Everyone :)

Please use the same download link we sent you previously to view the MySQL Script.
Once you download the .zip file you will see a new file under the name : "MySQLDatabase.sql"

1-Keep in mind that the MySQL script needs further testing.
2-Once you restore the MySQL script to your MySQL Server you will need to change the JRDC2 and remove every [dbo] in the file ""

Thank you,