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You can use this sensor with PhoneSensors from the Phone library.

Set the sensor type to 11.

Note that it is only available in Android 5+.

That's a good point. I always forget to check for the API level for functions.

If an API function requires Android 5+, the proper thing to do in B4A would be to set Min SDK Level to 21 in the Manifest Editor?

My current default tester phones are all Android 5.01+. I dragged out an older phone which is Android 4.4. My example app worked. Looking at the Android documentation again I see the LocationManager stuff I use requires Android SDK level 2 or 3 or so, and the SensorManager TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR requires Android SDK level 9 (Android version 2.3).


Looking at my test app in the Manifest Editor, I have android:minSdkVersion="5".

I should probably set android:minSdkVersion to 9?

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