Android Question Phone Orientation - Different Devices


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Please can someone help me out with making sense of using the phone orientation in relation to a compass app I'm working on?

Problem I seem to be having is determining the direction the phone is actually facing. I appreciate the sensor in a devices maybe not be position towards to the top of the phone so I use the azimuth value provide by PhoneOrientation.

On the initial device I developed against I got the app working but when using the app on a different device by another manufacturer the orientation is not consistently correct - please see attached image. Note the azimuth value is different between devices even though facing the same direction.

Note -In the image its the orientation of the compass letters (NESW) which are not consistent NOT the needle - the needle is intentionally not tracking north but a specific location.

Please can anyone provide any information to resolve this issue?

Thank you in advance for any help provided.