Bug? Picker


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i added a picker with designer.
I fill the picker with a list.
I can see the picker in my app.

Sub picker_ItemSelected works perfect.
Sub picker_LongClick works also.

But i can´t get picker_Click to fire

Bug, or my mistake ?


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Please think about making the following change to make the Picker more usable. (This all assumes you have control over the Picker if not then ignore this request)

Right now only LongClick comes through although your comment above makes it sound like both Click and LongClick are consumed by the Picker. But LongClick is usable outside picker.

The change would be to allow Click to also be available outside picker if the tap is detected to be on the same cell. I realize you need to look at the touch to do the scrolling but a touch on the same cell (row,col) down and up should be a unique event you can then just pass though like the LongClick is today.

If you did not realize LongClick comes through please do not remove this function. It is the only way I have of clearing the Picker from the screen.

My B4A app Settings screen has 14 spinners that I need to map over to B4i. If I can not hide the Picker after the user has made a change it will really screw up the layout.

Pickers are just too large to leave on the screen.

If the Picker code is really done in iOS then I guess it can not be changed and I will have to live with the user needing to do a LongClick to clear the Picker. Not optimal but workable after training my users of this new behavior.


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