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Hi all,
when I try to upsize a image with Canvas, it gives me a totally pixelated image, instead of interpolating it...

Is there any function or library to turn interpolating on?

Thanks in advance :)

(Sorry for the huge image. It was taken directly from my cellphone)


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For those who search for this too, here is the answer...
Use the code below:
Sub SetAntiAlias (c3 As Canvas)
   Dim r As Reflector
   Dim NativeCanvas As Object
   r.Target = c3
   NativeCanvas = r.GetField("canvas")
   Dim PaintFlagsDrawFilter As Object
   PaintFlagsDrawFilter = r.CreateObject2("", _
Array As Object(0, 2), Array As String("", ""))

   r.Target = NativeCanvas
   r.RunMethod4("setDrawFilter", Array As Object(PaintFlagsDrawFilter), Array As String(""))
End Sub

In Array As Object(0, 2), the number must be set to 2 for antialiasing Bitmaps.
Other things, such as lines should be working with 1.

For those who are confused: We use this code after initializing the canvas;)

Like so:
'Here you draw all your bitmaps and things...

A huge thanks to @LucaMs :D
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