Wish Please think about using GitHub (or similar) for published Code

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  1. Jehoschua

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    Good afternoon

    it's great that you offer the Source Code for some Libraries like OkHttpUtils2 / iHttpUtils2 / HttpUtils2.

    This allows us to fix annoying and unexpected issues like the fact, that the Http Utils do not give back the Http status code and, even worse, the proposed workaround is to manually patch the source and misuse the Tag property.

    It took me about 15 minutes to correct the issue and now, HttpJob has the ErrorReason and StatusCode property. As users expect it.

    But I am not willing to publish Source Code in a Forum where Users have to read all Forum-Posts to see if there is a new Release, download zip-Files and read the code to see if the currently used version is up to date (just because the zip file has no version information), etc.

    please think about using GitHub or a similar service for your Open Source Projects. This would allow us to easily contribute and it's easier for you, to merge contribution (if you will keep an eye on changes).

    Kind regards,
  2. Jehoschua

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    I have a small addition:

    Of course, it would be no problem to publish my contributions on my GitHub account.

    But for all B4X users and customers, it would be much more useful if there is one b4x.com repository
    so that we don't have to browse the forum for many hours and google for solutions and libraries.
    Most of the time, I stumbled across useful functions and tools, just because someone accidentally posted a link in the forum in post #761 ("check this … out, too!")

    The B4X community is great, but to handle contributions and its discussions in a Forum is really very obsolete :-(
    - there are much easier and more useful free tools available :)

    Kind regards,
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    i think if too much people working at open source code it break into pieces.
    and i think erel did not have the time to check 1000 pull requests. + automatic code merging is risky.
    i suggest if we use a git server then we should separate erels librarys / third party librarys and community librarys.
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