Pocket PC IRC written entirely in Basic4ppc Shareware Program


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Hi All, I have written an IRC client located at http://www.braillesoft.net/pacmate.htm that runs on all Pocket PC devices supported by Basic4ppc. The project isn't open-source, but I could use some feedback from you on what I could do to improve this program, especially for sighted users. Right now, the program works well on blindness PDA'S running WM2003 SE, but I am not sure if my product is equally accessible for users with vision, which is pretty much everyone but me and maybe a couple others on the forum. Please let me know what you think. No one has bought it just yet, but I may be forced to release it as freeware and open-source once other chat projects from me are released, since I may NOT be able to charge for those clients due to the nature of how those Messenger servers are built.
Thanks very much and hope you enjoy this IRC client.