B4R Question PoE Splitter with PoE pass-thru and 5vdc (slightly off topic)


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Hello all, This is slightly off topic for B4X (however related to project with ESP32 and B4R) but I cannot think of a better place to ask the question with many knowledgeable people :)

Does anyone know of a PoE splitter that that allows the PoE to pass-thru, but also split out to 5vdc ? Something like the picture below
(most of the ones I found so far, to not pass-thru the PoE)


Thanks for any ideas


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i'm using a couple of those convertors. input 40-48 volts. Output 5v or 12 v, depending what you have ordered.
I think the internet is also isolated, meaning a transformer is inside the box.
The picture you show is not a passive splitter, but has electronics inside. There exist also passive splitters, which outputs the POE input (normally 48v) in the jack.
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