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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Michael1968, May 16, 2018.

  1. Michael1968

    Michael1968 Member Licensed User

    Hi, my family and I are in New York for holiday next week.

    what should be "point of interest" outside the tourist attractions, we must see?;)

    We have
    -the NewYorkPass
    -7-Day unlimeted Subway
    -Hotel near Penn station


    any hints?
    best regards
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  2. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    That depends on how much time you have and where are you going.

    Penn Station is close to Times Square, from there you can walk along Broadway until your feet fall apart, but one thing I can tell you, you will need more than 1 day to tap all the most popular places.
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  3. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    it is a dream of mine to visit NYC one day.
    Maybe you should make some photos of NYC and upload here :)
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  4. Michael1968

    Michael1968 Member Licensed User

    we are in NYC for 7 days
  5. canalrun

    canalrun Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I haven't been to New York City in almost 20 years. I don't know the city that well, but it's an interesting place to visit.

    Someone from NYC please correct me if I get anything wrong.

    I believe it's at Times Square that you can purchase discount tickets to Broadway or off-Broadway shows. It's interesting to see a Broadway show.

    It's fun to visit Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange – it's the center of finance for the USA. The New York Stock Exchange used to have a small tour and you could watch traders on the trading floor. I watched the market close December 31, 1999.

    Fisherman's wharf is an interesting visit. There used to be some sort of open market there also. China Town is fun to walk through. The Soho district is an interesting walk. These are all down near Wall Street, but I'm not sure exactly where. Any touristy map will show the details.

    Of course, there is the Empire State building and Statue of Liberty. Be sure to see Central Park.

    Lincoln Center, the Macy's store, the Apple Store, and other stores are fun to explore. Several of our main television networks have main offices in New York City. Sometimes there will be a taping of a show – I saw the taping of a "music performance" show last time I was there.

    Hopefully others will offer some suggestions.

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  6. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Yes, but save your money, there's nothing good, I used to spend a lot of time in the city and going to movies and B-way shows, nowadays all that really sucks.

    Don't forget the 9-11 memorial and the Freedom Tower, and if you make it to Central Park keep going and check The Trump Tower on Columbus Circle.

    If you go to China Town don't forget to stop by Little Italy, but pay attention or you will miss it. Other things to see: the United Nations Building, and The Intrepid (a WW2 aircraft carrier turned museum, The Enterprise [space shuttle] is there too.). In that area, where all the piers are you can take ferry tours that go around Manhattan, if you don't want a long boat ride (about 3 hours), there are others that just go to certain areas.

    NOTE: Get tickets in advance.

    Subway: Pay attention to the announcements and which sub you are riding (local or express) and avoid rush hour, if you ride the subway, don't forget to check Grand Central (you will have to ride the 'S' train).

    NYC is fun to visit, but let me tell you one thing, you will go home broke, everything is too damn expensive so be advised.
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  7. udg

    udg Expert Licensed User

    Don't forget the museums. There are a lot and they're well worth a visit. Most of them have a week day set as free entrance (or donation-based entrance); check their websites for info.
    Don't miss the High Line, where they requalified what originally was a transportation track. It's a nice walk.
    I enjoyed the Top of the Rock visit, from foundation to top in 100seconds.

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  8. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    That will change soon, the "donation" will be mandatory for non-NYC residents. (One of the numerous NYC scams).
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  9. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    This one?



    Or this:
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  10. Beja

    Beja Expert Licensed User

    Depend on age:
    25 - 40 >>> Coney Island beach..
    50+ >>> Lincoln Center (Broadway)
    Shopping All ages >>> Woodbury Common Outlet. Bus goes from Port Authority Bus Terminal.. 10 minutes walk from your hotel.
    Ticket about $30. You can book bus tickets online:
    Book bus tickets from here.

    Good luck and welcome to the City.
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  11. KMatle

    KMatle Expert Licensed User

    I've been to NYC 13 times (so far) :cool: and I've even met @Beja there.

    Here are some of my favourites:

    - Coney Island is a MUST see
    - The High Line: http://www.thehighline.org/visit
    - Rooftop bars: http://www.230-fifth.com/ I don't know if kids are allowed here
    - The "Loreley" (Gaffel-Style German bar in Chinatown): http://www.loreleynyc.com
    - Water Taxi: It's just 3$ from Brookly Bridge to 34th street Manhattan
    - Visit a concert in a small location if you can
    - Take a (long) walk at the Hudson river to Brooklyn Bridge
    - Visit the parks (e.g. Bryant Park)
    - Visit the Public Library: https://www.nypl.org/locations/schwarzman (known from Ghostbusters)
    - Visit Downtown, Hells Kitchen, SoHo, etc.
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