PopUp Form Module


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Application shows the use of a module I wrote which helps me add data entry forms to any project.

Flexform.bas is a module you can attach to your project to quickly and easily implement pop up data entry forms. It require ControlsEx.dll and Formlib.dll to support the form's scrolbar and field adjustments.

The user need only provide delimited strings of field names and field types. A lot more functionality is available such as field defaults, decimals positions and data verification. Some of these require helper routines which you can find in the module UT.BAS. This demo should give you a good idea of how to use all its features.

Flexform has a public structure you fill in before calling its Initialize routine. Below is the basics:

FlexForm.psFF.Types ="Text|Text|Numeric|Numeric|...|Memo"

The FlexForm.Bas ff_Commands routine makes a call back to the main module's named sub whenever a button is clicked. Note that it does provide 2 parameters but I also populate an event(psFF.Event) and data property(psFF.DataOut) should you wish to do away with this design. In the program where this was originally used, a context menu on the original listviews(here replaced with Tables) called this same sub which did a lot more than what you see here.

On the device the display is padded on the bottom to allow room for the SIP.