Possible to use StandOut lib in B4A?


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Apologies if this is the wrong forum but it is possible for someone such as myself with no Java exerience to repackage a library so it work with B4A, or if not whether anyone has any plans on bringing the free StandOut library (from github ) to B4A?

It's a library that allows you to make floating applications, like OverSkreen, apps that float over the top of other apps so you can multitask better by say watching a video while also playing a game, for example.

Unfortunately I have no experience of library development and no Java knowledge, I've looked at the stickies for creating a library which say you need Java experience but unless I missed it didn't see one for converting a library, is it possible for me with no Java knowledge to adapt such a library for B4A?

I've not been programming for a while because of health problems and was looking at getting back into B4A when I found this, I'm sure it would be a great additional library to use if it can be done but as it's a popular library that's been covered on a number of Android sites I wanted to ask in case someone has already thought about using it in B4A.