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I now, I now... They told me...
Net prevent you start your app twice at same time... but, I mentioned it before,
I get started my GPS-app in NET1 twice without nowing it, on mobile 3SE.
Therefore, I made a little exe that I start with the Shell() function as first.
Did the job very well, never got a doubble start again.
The rest of time, I used another pocket mobile5, and I removed my snippet, never get a doubble start on this one.

These days, I load my old mobile 3SE with NET2 and the message extension to see how fast it was, worked even faster as the new ones with the opticompiles, VERY SATISFYING (keep up the good work Erel).
Now again, I get trouble with GPS-app starting twice the same, AND IN NET2, so, must be something in the pocket.

It can not be that I am the only in the world with this malfunction.
Therefore I use again that little exe that I start with the Shell() function as first, to prevent a doubble start. And again, IT WORKS...

see atachement.

'WFexist.exe' , replace 'exist' with appname to check i.e. 'WFMyApp.exe'
and place it near your app to check (on the device only).

Sub App_Start 'POINT to start

Shell ("WFSpeedCop.exe", "") 'checking allready running app
End If

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