Android Question Private key settings stay populated with new project


I see that the Private Key settings fields stay populated with info from a previous project.
Should that not be empty when starting a new project? and be filled again when the correct project is opened?
I noticed it at the point I wanted to do a small test with debug via B4a Bridge.



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I recommend you to use a single key for all projects. The only reason to use a different key is if you are building a project for someone else.
In that case use the #SignKey... attributes to set a project specific key.

* another reason to use a different key is if you have an old key for old projects and it doesn't meet the Google requirements for new apps.
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It identifies you as the developer. Later updates can only be done with the same key.
Thank you, I understand that. I thought I've read on Google that each project should have it's own key. Well that's how I've been doing it before starting with b4x.
Because when you create a key, you mention the name of the app in the created keystore.
But if one key for a single developer or customer(who knows in the future) is good, then I'm of course ok with that. It simplifies stuff.
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