Android Question Problem about CameraEx


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Hello , taking as example the code of Camera example using the CameraEx class I 've put exactly the same code that was in main activity , in mine program as ShutPicture activity .The camera is called from main activity with a button. I use the program in mine Samsung cell phone , which was two cameras and an exteral sd card , that in Ez explorer its shown as mnt/extSdcard.
I have some problems as follows :

a) The screen sometimes is freezing
b) A message appear " i canot open the camera "
c) I can't save the picture in mnt/extSdcard ( the external sdcard ) , but only in DirRootExternal.
d) Exiting from activity that uses the camera shall i use the camEx.Release in button_click Sub ?

Can you tell me what can i do for a,b,c ,d ?

PS : I used the AdvancedCameraLibrary but i am not satisfied

Many thanks Enthousiastic !!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE FORUM