iOS Question Problem Copying File from Assets Subfolder


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I have manually created a scriptures folder in the Files folder and placed the index.html file in the scriptures folder. b4i tells me that this file is missing from the Files tab and it doesn't copy this file when I run the app and tell it to run the following code. What's wrong?

File.Copy(File.DirAssets, "scriptures/index.html", File.DirLibrary, "index.html")


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Perhaps subfolders are not supported. Try putting the file in the main folder.


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Hi Erel,
Will subfolders in DirAssets be supported in the next release ?
I want to display html help files with images, done with Word, and the images are in a subfolder.
Currently I need to modify the html file to chnage the imgae path and move the files from the subfolder to the project File directory.