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I have succesfully created and tested my first app, following all the guide on this forum.
I have tested it in debug mode and release also, everything ok.
Then I hav ecreated a new couple of certificate and provisioning file for producton and put them in the same "keys" folder where are the development ones.
I have added also the conditional compile to tell the app to use the new files when in release.
When I try to upload the archive with Itunes Connect, i get the error in the picture.
Where I'm wrong ?


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Baris Karadeniz

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I have similar problem. My app first version (V1.0) is created in Xcode and it is published. Than we created new version V2.0 in Xcode again and put it to the test stage. But we saw one problem in test stage and began to work with B4i. I created new "ios_development.cer" and "Development_BK.mobileprovision" for B4i. My app is finished (V2.0 again). I did "Build Release App" too. Everything is ok. But when I tried to upload to itunes, I received an error given attached. The bundle id of V1.0 (Xcode) is inova.taksim and package name in build configurations is also inova.taksim in B4i. What should I do?


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In order to publish an app, you should create new distribution.cer file. Also you should create a new distribution mobileprovision and a new app id for your app.
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