Android Question Problem with "authentication required" on Google play


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I just finished a new app created with B4A and published it to Google Play. The problem is that whenever anyone tries to download my app it says "Authentication is required: please sign in to your Google account". The download is then cancelled and the result is no one can access my app on the play store.

It looks like a common problem that sometimes occurs with Android devices, but that isn't it. The problem is only with my app and not others. There is something wrong with either my app or the way it was published.

Has anyone seen this before? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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I have just had the same issue. I uploaded an app a few days ago that worked fine. Then I uploaded a similar app yesterday and followed the same processes as before, but now I'm getting the 'Authentication is required...' message when I try to download it. This is only happening to my app. I can download anything else from the Play Store.

I am busy unpublishing the app and am going to upload a fresh copy to see if that works. One question. The Private Sign key, it was stored in the folder of a different app that I have created, but used for the one I am having trouble publishing. Could this be a factor?
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