Android Question Problem with downloading TXT file with HttpUtils2

Tomas Petrus

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I have problem with TXT file witch I am downloading from server. File has almost 16 kB, so It is small. I am downloading another file with another type in same project with bigger size (150 kB) and It is without problems. TXT file is not complete. It has 8 kB size and it is cut in half in middle of word.

There is my code:
Dim Job As HttpJob
Job.Initialize("DownloadMyFile", Me)
Job.Tag = "file-name.txt"

and this is JobDone code:
Case "DownloadMyFile"      
       Dim MyPath = File.dirrootexternal & "/download" As String  
       Dim out As OutputStream = File.OpenOutput(MyPath , Job.Tag, False)
       File.Copy2(Job.GetInputStream, out)

What I am doing wrong? I am using same code for another files with another file type and it is without problems.

Thanks for answer

Tomas Petrus

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It works awesome! Thank you much!

Job.Tag is there because I have function wich is there for more files with diferent name. Name is in Tag
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