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Me and my partner are having problems when we share our work.

We have two different licences of B4A, and both are working in the same aplicattion. When we want to share the progress we use the 'Export As Zip' menu option.

Well, in the last 15 days we are having some problems. Example: If I do a function and past my partner the zip, if he build the aplicattion and test it (to test the function), the function doesn't work as it's suppose.

Before build the zip I clean project and make a test compilation. And the functions works.

Sometimes the problems are more strange. I have a function that makes some components visibles or not using a parameter. Well, if I set a break point, and use F8 to debug it, functions works properly, but if I don't set a breakpoint, the function doesn't work.

We are using bridge v2.12 to test our aplicattions and running them in debug mode.

We are updated to v4.30, and build configurations are same in both B4A.

Are we doing something wrong? Or not doing something...

Thanks, and like always, sorry for my English.

now i'm using bridge. I rebooted device and plugged in (it was low battery). Now all works like it should be.

Is it something logic in this?
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Hard to say. Was there any specific error?
Well, that's the problem, in the example i posted before the aplicattion doesn't break. Only doesn't do what's supposed to do. And in debug, with F8 works.

I think on battery because of a service that download from FTP. Suddenly this morning stops to work, and the error was getaddrinfo failed: eai_nodata (no address associated with hostname)
A quick search in google gave me the clew: no internet connection...
To avoid the wifi problems (disconnect with low battery), I plugged in the device, and this problem, also other haven't been repeated since that moment.

Before plugging in the device i tried rebooting B4A, reinstalling the aplicattion, cleanning the project. All discarded.

I know that seems crazy, but this is my problem, and not whether the solution...

Thanks, and sorry for my poor English...

FTP service crash again. I had reboot the device, starts bridge again, install aplicattion again (debug rapid) and it works. Any idea?
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What happens when the application doesn't do what it supposed to do?
The code that gave strange beheavor
    ' Configuramos los botones
    If iIndexPartes = -1 Then
        pConfigurarBotones(btnNuevoParte, btnGrabParte, btnSigParte, BTN_EST_GBR)
        If iIndexPartes = lsPartes.Size-1 Then
            pConfigurarBotones(btnNuevoParte, btnGrabParte, btnSigParte, BTN_EST_NUE)
            pConfigurarBotones(btnNuevoParte, btnGrabParte, btnSigParte, BTN_EST_SIG)
        End If
    End If
If I use F8, line 7 (pConfigurarBotones(btnNuevoParte, btnGrabParte, btnSigParte, BTN_EST_SIG)) is executed.
If I run the program without breakpoint, line 7 (in same case) doesn't execute.

Like I said it's a no persistant problem. I discover it yesterday at home. I cleaned my project and solved it. I did the zip. Today, come to my office, unzip, compile and install in other device, and suddenly comes again. In this case clean the project didn't worked. I unistall the aplication, reboot the device, reinstall it, and it works again.

Obviously i'm doing something wrong. I don't know...
I don't know this can help you: sometimes, when I unistall the aplication and install it again (becuase i made changes), the connection seems to be established, but in the device appear a toastmessage "Error on Intent....". Stop, make the bridge again, and it works.

Thanks, and sorry again for my English


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Try Tools - Clean project and then run your app again if you encounter such error.
Thanks Erel. That's what i did. Now it's solved.
If i can reproduce it again, i'll try to take captures or maybe a video. Thanks.