B4A Library Professional picture downloader

I made a class for download pictures and apply filters on them with OKHttp
Look like Picasso or other

This module support below function:
AnimationDuration: for show picture with animation after download
Resize: resize picture with keep ratio
SetRadius: change the radius of the picture (circle or rectangle)
SetPlaceHolder: set holder picture if the download failed
Rotate: rotate the picture
CenterCrop: crop picture according to of image view
ShowFade: show picture on image view with animation

I think you can use that in B4i and B4j because I use XUI codes

Dim p1 As Picture : p1.Initialize
Wait For (p1.Download(URL)) Complete(logo As Bitmap)


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Better to use B4XImageView to make a round image or change its scale mode. It uses a different approach that is much faster and will provide better result.
Yes you right, developer can download image only without radius or crop