Android Question Programmatic API to B4XFloatTextField properties

Hi, I am new to B4A programming and I chanced upon this amazing library by Erel called XUI Views.

I am currently intending to use B4XFloatTextField for the rather convenient "password field" feature.

As I find that I am unable to add a border around EditText in B4A, I used a suggestion previously suggested by Erel which is to put it in a bordered Panel. I created a simple custom view that has a panel and an EditText wrapped within.

Now, as I try to update it by using B4XFloatTextField instead of EditText, I am running into problems. Unlike EditText, B4XFloatTextField does not have the same properties exposed for me to modify it through the designer properties I built for the custom view. I thus have these questions:
1) Is there a way to cast B4XFloatTextField into EditText (or even B4XView) so I can access these properties again?
2) If not, what other way can I tweak these properties in code? Right now they can only be changed with the Visual Designer, which does not work in my custom view situation.
3) Is there a way to add a border around B4XFloatTextField without using a custom view, but also without having to type that in the Activity code all the time?
Now, how do I access the "Show Password" icon button? I need to show it if user sets "Password Mode" of the Custom View to be True.

I see two member variables of B4XFloatTextField: lblV and lblClear. May I know what they are and if lblV is the password icon? Thank you!
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I've solved it temporarily by forcing my custom view to load a different layout with the correctly configured B4XFloatTextField if the "password mode" setting changes.
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