ProgressDialogShow2 conflicts with EditText?


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I am making an application and created a procedure to verify that the database exists (creates and populates if necessary).
The application will also have a screen "Login"
The implementation of the procedure and activation Layout Login is conducted in a "If FirstTime".

First runs the procedure "CheckDB" after it is uploaded to the layout of the Login activity.

If the procedure "CheckDB" I use the "ProgressDialogShow2" occurs the following problem:

When reading layout "Login" (it has a Panel, a EditText and two buttons) I can not type anything in the EditText (opens a "FindBox" android).

But this only occurs when compiling in "Release" mode. The build in "Debug" works normally.

And: If I compile in "Release" mode, but I change orientation of the device to "landscape" and back to "portrait", it works typing in EditText.

In the file has an example that reproduces the problem.


Estou fazendo uma aplicação e criei uma procedure para verificar se o banco de dados existe (cria e popula se necessário).
A aplicação também terá uma tela de "Login"
A execução da procedure e a ativação do Layout de Login é realizado em um "If FirstTime".

Primeiro é executado a procedure "CheckDB" depois que é carregado o layout do Login para a atividade.

Se na procedure "CheckDB" eu usar a função "ProgressDialogShow2" ocorre o seguinte problema :

Ao ler o layout de "Login" (tem um Panel, um edittext e dois botoes ) não consigo digitar nada no EditText (abre um "FindBox" do android).

Mas isso só ocorre quando compilo em modo "Release". A compilação em modo "Debug" funciona normalmente.

E ainda : Se compilo em modo "Release", mas mudo a orientação do aparelho para "landscape" e volto para "portrait", passa a funcionar a digitação no EditText.

No arquivo tem um exemplo que reproduz o problema.



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Hello Erel,

This is just a project to exemplify, after login there is only one button to close the application,ok?

The problem occurred with me using the emulator (Android 2.2) and a LG GT540F (Android 2.1) as follows:

1) Compile with Debug option
2) Run in "Portrait"
3) Enter the password 123456 (ok! works!)
4) Click button to close app
5) Change the build to "Release" in the IDE
6) Run in "Portrait"
7) Enter the password 123456 (does not work!)

I put on my site a video that captured these steps, follow the link:

as .swf:
as. avi:



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Yes, I tested on a GT540F LG Android 2.1 and have the same problem: only if I compile with debug that works correctly.

In fact, I hardly use the emulator. The error happened first on my phone and could reproduce on the emulator, and then I was "removing" codes to find out what caused the error. That's where I found it was in function 'ProgressDialogShow2'.
If I comment out this function, the application works for both debug and for release.