iOS Question Publish firebase app to store and multiple certificates

amer bashar

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I am about to create the first App Store release of my app. The app uses FirebaseNotifications.

For this I have created a new explicit app identifier and a new production certificate and a new provision profile as advised.

Now in this tutorial :
(2. Make sure to use a distribution certificate and create a store provision profile.)

I have two certificates and both are distribution (first created one when developing , then I created another aps.cer for firebase)

which one I have to use? (I mean when creating the profile in apple website)

Andrew (Digitwell)

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The Aps.cer is needed to create the firebase_push.p12 certificate which is uploaded to firebase. The steps are in the link you referenced.
The other production certificate is for your app in release mode.

Using this method you need to recreate the Firebase certificate once a year.

Alternatively, you can use the following method to create the firebase certificate once only, which is also mentioned in the link you referenced.

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