Android Question Push notification example on Sunmi M2 not working ???


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I am using the classic example of Erel on fcm notifications to send commands from pc to mobile device, I use example B4J of the post
I try on an Android 6 and it works, I try on an Android 9 and it goes, on 10 it works, I try on a Sunmi M2 (Android 7) and I can't get it notified
It should be noted that the device does NOT have a telephone interface but is only a terminal for taking orders for waiters
But it is connected via wifi to the internet and surfs the web correctly
Do you know if the if the fcm notification 'system' is linked to the telephone section of the mobile device?
(and therefore on this terminal it is not possible for it to work)
Or am I getting something wrong?


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I think there is zero chance for phone section to be something that is relevant here. Mind you, I'm not an expert in this area so I could be wrong. (But I think I'm right.)
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