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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by mhc, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. mhc

    mhc Member Licensed User


    I have a little app for creating QR Barcode offline.
    It is based on the great library Zint.dll.
    It is easy to use and sometimes helpful, if you need to create a QR Code without having an internet access.
    It runs on Windows.


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  2. Kamac

    Kamac Active Member Licensed User

    I don't really know why someone would need to create QR Code on his Android device :sign0137:.

    But i am interested in the routine creating it :)
  3. mhc

    mhc Member Licensed User

    Hi Kamac,

    it is not creating a QR Code on the Android device.:eek:
    It creates the QR Code on the Windows desktop.
    If you want to provide your own Android app for downloading from your own homepage via QR Code you have to create a QR image.
    Usually we can create one via internet.
    But sometimes we are travelling - lets say in Germany, working in the hotel during the evening and there is no internet access. (Germany is very underdeveloped in this case :sign0137:).
    Regardless we want to finish our work. Therefor we have this little tool ;)

    The tool is a very simple Delphi prog, based on this library:
    Zint Barcode Generator | Download Zint Barcode Generator software for free at


  4. Kamac

    Kamac Active Member Licensed User

    O. I understand. I just wonder how you've made a desktop app with B4A. Or was it B4PPC?
  5. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    He has already told you in post #3 that it was written in Delphi!
  6. Kamac

    Kamac Active Member Licensed User


    Must have missed it :sign0161:

    Yet, it's not supposed to be here i think.

    Althrought it doesn't seem that there are any restrictions in what our creations should be made here :p
  7. francoisg

    francoisg Active Member Licensed User

    Can't we get a D4A (Delphi for Android - I would buy that in a second!!!) working the same way as B4A (translating to java etc)

    I miss my Delphi! Or even C4A (C# for Android) - an no, Mono won't work (dependencies ...)

    He, he, he ...
  8. Kamac

    Kamac Active Member Licensed User



    C++ is nicer!

    It would be useless throught because there is NDK for C++ Android development.


    It's easier as it is. ;)
  9. gma

    gma Member Licensed User

    Hello Guys,

    i'm in the situation that I need QR code generation on the android device.
    Is there any lib out there for me to do that?

  10. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    It may not be what your app needs but the QuickMark application gives users the ability to create and save QRcode and QuickCode images from several data sources, including user entered free text.
  11. americosa

    americosa New Member

    can you please send me the souce code of qr.exe

    Thank you ...
  12. mb1793

    mb1793 Member Licensed User

    is there a way i could generate a qr barcode and pair it with an image i have stored in my data base ?
  13. GaNdAlF89

    GaNdAlF89 Active Member Licensed User

    How can I generate a QRcode from code? Thanks..
  14. alekseimendez

    alekseimendez New Member Licensed User

    Read QR Code

    How can I READ a QRcode from code? Thanks..

    There exist some librery for this?

  15. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Have you seen THIS?
  16. QLogic

    QLogic Member Licensed User


    And here is the reason, as I know some might wonder why would you need to generate a QR code on your phone. Keep in mind, Airline industries do this all the time for paperless entries.

    Why do I need it? Because in my internal app, I need to generate a digital Business Card based on the sales rep that is using the app so they can send a digital copy to anyone that can read a QR code. I would use NFC, but of course not all phones have NFC.

  17. hookshy

    hookshy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Exccellent , thanks for sharing . Very usefull.
  18. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    @Johan Schoeman Have you tried my QuiQRun! barcode scanner?
    I have read codes up to 25 on my Galaxy S4 (not saying it didn't had any trouble, but hey, since we're measuring... :)
  19. alwaysbusy

    alwaysbusy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes @Johan Schoeman, this is so weird. I even developped the whole app on my nexus 7 tablet where it worked just fine, but once I put it on the play store, I even can't install it on the nexus because it's 'incompatible'. I thought it had something to do with the nexus not having a 'back' camera. In the app developer console there are no complains either after I added the drawable-hdpi folder. Maybe @Erel can shine some light on this?
  20. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User