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So I've been away for a awhile and I'm not really up-to-date with all the new stuff. 😅

Anyway, I'm looking for the fastest, most reliable QR Code READER library.
I used the search function and found a few, I just want to know which one to choose.

I'm looking for a lib that allows my app to have 3 main features (1 and 2 being paramount) to be attainable:

1) I want to create an app that sort of reads QR Codes sequentially in the background without displaying the contents all the time.
Imagine it's some kind of industrial QR Code scanner meant to be used continuously on an assembly line (like a supermarket cash register "bip, bip, bip" non-stop).
The faster the better. I can multi-thread it if must be.

2) I'd like to read QR Code from images. For example, @ilan sends me a picture of a QR Code by email.
I download the image, fire-up the app, load the image and QR Code is found and processed accordingly.

3) If an image (from my pictures / camera) contains multiple QR Codes, I'd like my app to detect them and process them all.

So do we have something that is up to the job? Maybe an extra library for point number 3?

Furthermore, if I success in creating such an app, I'd like to port it to iOS.

Many thanks in advance.
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@Johan Schoeman, I started to experiment with your library. Very promising results so far. :)

I have a question.

I see that result_found takes a String argument.
However, if my QR Code is in binary format, can I receive a byte array instead?
Sub qrcrv_result_found(retval As String) '<--- retval as Byte() perhaps???

    Log("B4A: " & retval)
    l1.Text = retval

End Sub
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BillScanner from the same author returns the raw bytes.

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