Android Question Question about auto-updating and app from another app.


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Hi all.

I have been using udg lib for updating my app. What I would like to do is make a another app that updates my main one?

Is this possible?

I was thinking if I used a shared folder then the download app could download and copy to the shared folder and call intent of the main app to get it to update itself.

Does this sound right? or is there another way?


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Hi Jake, Merry Xmas!

On last February, in collaboration with DonManfred, I started a project whose goal was to mimic the PlayStore in its updating feature. That was a step further from the AppUpdating lib, meant to gain full freedom for us who don't rely on PlayStore services to update our apps but prefer to run a private server.

Regrettably I had to suspend that project in order to devote time and energies to other money-raising chores and somewhat forgot about it.
I just gave a gaze to that old code. It's half done.
Maybe 2015 will bring you a surprise..

ps: to reply to your question..yes, it can be done :)


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Nice to hear from you again. I had a feeling it could be done. The big reason I ask was I put out a bad beta app and brought down some testers. They could not run thew program so could not update. Had to go over to the places and reload by hand. aaaaahhhhhh

I love surprises!