B4J Question questions about ABMCombo/ ABMLabel


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I inserted a combo into a tabel. This works. But i want to set the combo width, thus the label width.
In the example "BuildSimpleItem" from the ABMDemo ,a label is created

In the label field i found Marginleft,MarginTop,MarginBottom,MarginRight to be declared as string.
If i declare a number or one of the ABM predefined sizes i got the error "array expected"
1) How should these settings be declared.?
2) See attached picture. How to set the size to be fitted into the table?


code used:
Sub BuildSimpleItem(id As String, icon As String, Title As String) As ABMLabel
   Dim lbl As ABMLabel
   lbl.Initialize(page, id, Title, ABM.SIZE_H6, False, "")

   lbl.VerticalAlign = True

   lbl.IconName = icon
   Return lbl
End Sub