Questions on Table component

dan kabestan

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1 - What is the good way to "directly" edit in a Table cell (with keyboard).
(i'm actually obliged to catch keys on a textbox and copy to cell)
2 - why i cant change focus from Table to a textbox ? see next :
'---------------- with table1 and textbox1...
sub Table1_SelectionChanged (ColName, Row)
end sub
the focus doesnt go to textbox !
Thanks for help


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1. I've attached one possible way.
2. The focus returns to the Table control at the end of SelectionChanged event.
The solution is to use a timer which will set the focus:
Sub Globals
    'Declare the global variables here.

End Sub

Sub App_Start
    Timer1.Interval = 5 'ms
End Sub
Sub Timer1_Tick
    Timer1.Enabled = false
End Sub

Sub Table1_SelectionChanged (ColName, Row)
    Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub


dan kabestan

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table cell access

1 - I'm sorry but i had seen this on your forum and as i said, i already use that kind of undirect solution.
I would find a DIRECT solution to catch keys in the Table cell. (without use an external textbox)
We only dispose of ONE event for this component and its really short !
Is there any work around ?

2 - Your interesting Timer solution seems to run only IF the clic-on-cell doesnt select the cell content (blue).

3 - Returning to my old idea : put a textbox exactly in front of selected cell,
the problem is to know the selected cell position in Form, with big Table and scroll use.
My first solution was to hidde the Table , catch mouse values on Form and finaly put 'visible' the Table :
it's not working well. (tried also with your timer-focus).
Is there any better way to find those coordinates ?

4 - Before your new ideas my alone solution is to put a virtual Table made with a same number of textbox
as number of items(row) of arraylists(col).A good idea ?

dan kabestan

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Edit in cell Table, learning door.dll

A power library ! which call somme tutorials !
Using your EnhancedTable, i propose this first edit in a cell .
(attached file).
But i dont know how manage the scroll, for kill the edit-box
when move or better : follow the move...
(Havent found a 'o.GetProperty("Type")' == 'scrollbar' to use )
What is the good way to made an 'addScrollChangeEvent(TableName)' ?
Actualy have not enougth information/method on this super Dll.
Is there any other sample-document which describes it ?