Share My Creation Quick Proto - draw clickable prototypes

This free sketching app lets you create quick-and-dirty prototypes to test (and communicate) user-interface ideas.

- Sketch a series of screens using your finger or a stylus.

- Link them together with hotspots.

- Hit "Play" and try out (or demo) your rough UI.

- Share your prototype as clickable HTML by email, Dropbox, etc.*

The goal of Quick Proto is to let you draw rough ideas as fast as possible - sketch, link, share, done.

Works on all screen sizes (phone, small tablets, big tablets). Better with a stylus, particularly the more accurate ones like the Samsung Note series or the Adonit Jot series.

* Sharing a prototype requires an SD card. Most recent devices include either an SD card slot or a "virtual" SD card (e.g. Samsung S3, Nexus 7, etc.), so this may only be an issue on older Android devices.

This app is free, and has NO ADS. I hope you find it a useful addition to your design toolkit. Feedback is very welcome - it's still early days. ;^)


This app was developed using:
- Basic4Android by Anywhere Software. Thanks Erel!
- clsCheckList and Archiver by Frédéric Leneuf-Magaud
- AHQuickAction by Markus Stipp
- Dialogs by agraham
- Android Asset Studio (Android Asset Studio)


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Dave O

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Quick Proto is now up to version 3.5, with these additions for your prototyping pleasure:

- rename, copy, and delete pages
- create a relative link to the previous page
- multiple undo
- multi-finger swipe to move between pages
- copy entire prototypes
- show hover hints and custom pointers for Samsung Note devices (S Pen)

This app was developed using:
- B4A by Anywhere Software. Thanks Erel!
- clsCheckList, BitmapPlus, Cache, MaskedEditText, and Gesture Detector by Frédéric Leneuf-Magaud
- Archiver by Frédéric Leneuf-Magaud & Kamran Zafar
- stdActionBarHelper by corwin42
- Dialogs by Andrew Graham
- MFlib by MaFu
- Custom Toast by Margret
- Air View by barx
- Android Asset Studio (


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Dave O

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Just released Quick Proto 3.6, including the ability to drag and drop pages to reorder them, courtesy of the MSDynamicGridView library from @thedesolatesoul


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Dave O

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3.6 is now published in the Play Store.

Lots more to do on the app, but being able to reorder pages was a big wish from my users. They should be happy now. :)


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Yes, I see the updated version now. This is a pretty interesting app. I feel it needs a little re-organisation for e.g. when clicking on a prototype i would expect the pages view to show up first (where you can see all the pages in a grid), and then it takes you to each individual page. (which is just my opinion, you already have enough users to drive you!)

Dave O

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Yes, I've been thinking about opening existing prototypes to the grid view, to give the user a quick reminder of where everything is, then they can click to the page they want to work on. (For single-page prototypes or new ones, obviously skip the grid view.) But the quickest way to get the Reorder Pages feature added was as a secondary dialog, so I did that for the short term.

Also considering making the list of prototypes (the first screen) into a grid view with piles of pages, but that's farther down the priority list.

Let me know if you have more suggestions. Fresh eyes are always the best. :)


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My main suggestions were about using the gridview to be honest as it seems to be quite useful in your project. You can experiment with using the CardView as well, but thats just for looks.
For me the menu on the page screen, wasnt 100% clear. The last two buttons opened different kinds of menus. One seemed to be for sharing/exporting while the other was regarding the prototype.
But the hotspot was really smooth, and also the timed toasts/messages for e.g. the top of the page with the name were really cool effects, and also very useful. There are seriously good ideas in there.
I did realize that you are a UX guy, something i would like to learn and implement too.


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Hi Dave, nice App!
Any plans to add predefined froms like quares, circles, triangles etc.?
May be text or the Action bar or the home/back bar on the bottom as well.

Greetings, Gunther

Dave O

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Hi @Gunther, I probably won't add predefined shapes because, in my experience with other drawing/prototyping apps, they just slow me down when I'm sketching a quick design. Switching shape tools and adjusting shapes just gets too fussy, in my opinion - it's faster just to draw what I want freehand.

I have received several requests for adding text. Text is easy with an accurate stylus (e.g. Galaxy Note devices), but hard to do with a finger. But I need to think how that could work while keeping the interactions fast.

Thanks for the feedback!