Wish Quick search option "Skip comment lines"


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The many navigation possibilities in the IDE are really effective even in large projects (30 modules, up to 50k lines each).

However, over the years code changes are necessary and we leave the original version of the edited lines as a commented line for documentation purposes (this is helpful to trace unforeseen effects later).

This becomes a disadvantage together with standard commented lines since the resultlist in the QuickSearch window becomes very long and it is more and more hard to find the searched item.

A) One possibility to skip the output of all lines beginning with ' would be a checkbox like the log filter.

B) Another yet more universal option would be a Regex search type like in the "Find/Replace window"



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F7 search is a great way to locate relevant code positions in large projects and even rename variables to adapt to changed naming conventions.

What we are searching for is a way to locate even content of strings but reduced to a subset of source-lines.

E.g. without the comment lines the search output would be reduced by more than 50% :


Regex search would be a step further of course ;)
To integrate your localizer we needed to process all lines containing strings in quotes. It was possible with N++ and "\".+\"".