Android Code Snippet Quick way to access the b4x forums from mobile


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Cool. I never took the time to create my own. Thanks a lot :)

An Schi

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Hey Community!

I'm still very new to B4A and coding at all (my prior experiences are modifiying WordPress or SMF or Drupal with the help of Google...). As my way of learning is to do little projects for myself, i stumbled upon this and decided to upgrade it with some features i would like to have.

Attached is the source of Reviewnows original work but with some extra stuff like:
- giving you the opportunity to save your login credetials within the app
- autologin you into the forum on app start
- using your phones BackKey to go back in browser history (or to finaly close the app)

As i said: I am noob - so i'd be happy if you take this source, use it, and post my fails/bad style/ etc ;)

For my app you need to have warwounds WebViewExtras Library.


ay droid

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Guys, please help
Is WebViewExras version 1.42 known as WebViewExras2 ? I've found v1.42, but I'm unable to find version 2.