iOS Question Quote for creating B4i Libraries for Firebase and GeoFire


Hi All,

We would like to consider quotes from anyone who can create B4i libraries for Firebase and GeoFire.

The libraries would need to be able to call the methods and use the callback events. Also provide a small B4i app source code to show API is working.

If creating the libraries for all methods is too much work then we can consider a access to only some methods if necessary.

Both libraries and documentation for iOS can be found at

For convenience the direct links are:

To keep costs down we will post these libraries to this forum for everyone to use and possibly improve on.

If you are feeling adventurous you could create a B4i version of one of the examples shown at although this would not be part of the quote.

If anyone is interested please reply to this post with your quote. We are in Australia so you may wish to quote in U.S. Dollars if you are not.

I am not sure what the protocol is for providing personal emails to people on this forum. I would appreciate some guidance from the moderator on this.